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Imre Nagy: From Software Engineer to YouTuber

We always have to be able to learn

In the first episode of my new "Walking with Giants" series on the "Learn, Apply, Repeat" podcast, I interview individuals who have significantly impacted my professional journey. To kick off this series, I chat with my former boss and current friend, Imre Nagy. Imre, the head of engineering at a UK-based company and an avid YouTuber, shares insights from his diverse career.

During our conversation, Imre discusses his transition from being a passionate coder to taking on a managerial role, highlighting the challenges and rewards of each step. He also reflects on his time in the Hungarian military and how it shaped his leadership philosophy. Additionally, Imre talks about his popular YouTube channel dedicated to retro computing, revealing the inspiration behind it and his love for vintage technology.

Learn, Apply, Repeat
Learn, Apply, Repeat
Welcome to 'Learn, Apply, Repeat,' the podcast dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Join us as we explore the world of self-improvement through insightful tips and transformative conversations with leading specialists across various fields. Each episode offers practical advice and inspiring stories designed to help you learn new strategies, apply them in your life, and repeat the process for continuous improvement. Whether you're seeking to enhance your skills, boost your productivity, or embrace a more fulfilling life, 'Learn, Apply, Repeat' is your companion on the journey to your best self.
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